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           Sodium Amyl Xanthate
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           Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate
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           Potassium Ethyl Xanthate
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           Dianiline Dithiophosphori...

Major Component:Dianiline Dithiophosphoric Acid

Structure formular:

Description:White to slight yellow powder,pungent odour,no soluble in water,density:0.8-0.85

Use: Dianiline Dithiophosphoric Acid  is silver, copper, lead, and the activation of zinc sulfide ore effective collector agent, can also be used for the pyrite flotation activation, it can also be used for nickel, antimony sulfide ore flotation, especially fornickel sulfide ore, refractory sulfide mixed nickel oxide ore and sulfide ore and gangue in the ore, according to the study, the use of black Ding ammonium drugs is conducive to the recovery of platinum, gold, silver this medicine is only a weak startbullous.


Items Grade 1 Grade 2
Dianiline Dithiophosphoric Acid % = 95.0 90.0
Insoluble % = 0.5 1.0

Packing: 200KG Plastic bucket or 1000KG T bucket

Storage & transport:To be protected from water torrid sunsight and fire.