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Major component:Ammonium dibutyl dithiophosphate

Structure formula:

Description:White to pale grey powder,odourless,deliquescent in air,soluble in water,chemically stable.

Principal uses:Dithiophosphate BA is an effective collector for silver,copper,lead and activated zinc sulfide minerals,and is used in the flotation of iron sulfide activated.It is also useful in the flotation of nickel and antimony sulfide minerals and is especially useful in the flotation of nickel sulfide mineral with low flotation,property mixture of sulfide oxide nickel ores and middling ores of sulfide with gangue.Some investigators have found that dithiophosphate BA is helpful in recovery of platinum,gold and silver.The reagent has exhibited weak frothing property.


Grade 1
Grade 2
Ammonium dibutyl dithiphosphate % min
Insoluble matter in water % max.

Packing: 200KG Plastic bucket or 1000KG T bucket.

Storage & transpoprt:To be protected from damp,torrid sunlight and fire.