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Product name: DITHIOPHOSPHATE 25
Major component: Dicresyl dithiophosphoric acid
Structure Formular:
Description: A brown-black corrosive liquid with a pungent odour,Density(20oC)1.17-1.20g/ml,slightly soluble in water.
Principal uses: Dithiophosphate 25 combines both collecting and frothing properties.It is an effective collector in flotation of lead,copper,silver and activated zinc sulfide minerals.It is usually used in the selective separation of lead from zinc minerals.In alkali circuit,it does not float pyrite and other iron sulfide minerals readily.But in neutral or acid medium,it is a strong and non-selective collector for all sulfide minerals.Because it is only slightly soluble in water,dithiophosphate 25 must be fed in origin form to conditioner or to ball mill.
Specifications:Dicresyl dithiophosphoric acid content 60%-70%
Cresol and other components:content 30%-40%.
Packaging: 200KG Plastic bucket /1000 T bucket/25-50KG Bags.
Storage & transport: To be protected from water,torrid sunlight and fire.